Parasite instagram

Parasite instagram


To register your Parasite profile, go to the site’s main page and click “Try for Free”. Next, you must enter your email and create a password. Use your valid email to ensure you always have access to our service. After registration, log on to your email account and confirm it.

From the moment you register, you have a 7-day free trial. After the expiration of the trial period you must select a payment plan and pay to continue using the service. More information about our payment plans can be found on the “Plans” page.

If you have any question while using the service, you can always contact technical support. This is easy to do; just click on the blue chat icon in the lower-right corner of the site.

Adding an Instagram Account

To get started with Parasite, you need to add an Instagram account. To do this, click the “Add Instagram Account” button. In the opened window, you must enter the user name and password from the Instagram account that you want to link. To confirm, click the “Add Account” button.

The amount of accounts that you can add is limited by the plan that you choose. During the trial period, you can add up to 3 Instagram accounts. To add a new account, click on the “+ Add account” button on the left side of the site and repeat the steps described earlier in this chapter.

Parasite does not store any of your login data into your account in any way and does not transfer it to third parties. The user name and password are only necessary to log in to the account and establish a connection with Instagram.

To change the password from your Instagram account, select the required account in the list, go to the “Settings” tab, and select the “Password” section. On this page, enter your current password, and your new password twice. When you click on the “Change Password” button, your password will be changed.

You can delete an Instagram account from your Parasite profile at any time. To do this, select the required account in the list, go to the “Settings” tab and click the “Delete account” button. Deleting an account will delete all scheduled posts that have not yet been posted.

Scheduling Posts

After adding your first Instagram account, you can start scheduling posts. To add a post, click the “+ Add post” button, which is to the left of the “Feed” and “Scheduled” tabs. Clicking this button opens a window in which you need to select the desired file. You can select a file on the computer, insert a link to the file, or simply drag the file to the window with the site. For bulk upload of images, simply drag and drop them to the area with the site — the images will be loaded at the same time. Load the required file and click “Next”.

Parasite accepts both photos and videos. You can upload a video the same way as images — simply select a file on the computer, insert a link to it or drag the file to the window with the site. The bulk upload function is only available for images. Video recordings can only be uploaded one at a time.

Next you can edit the image: change the scale and select the area you want for your post. You can use both square and full-size images. Edit the image and click “Next”.

Lastly, you can add a description, the first comment, and a geographic position, and also select the date and time for publication. The date and time of publication are set according to the time set on your computer.

To add a description, type it in the “Write a Caption” field. To add the first comment, click “Additional Caption” and enter the text for the first comment. To add a geotag, click the “Add location” button. To schedule a post, you need to select the date and time of its publication and click the “Add Post” button.

You can see all of your scheduled posts in the “Scheduled” tab. You can always delete a scheduled publication — just hover over the image and click on the cross in the upper-right corner of the image.

My Posts

You can also work with already posted photos from your account. To do this, go to your “Mine” tab, which shows the current photos of your account. You can delete any post at any time by clicking on the cross in the upper-right corner of the image.

Click on the post to view its comments section. Here you can change the description of the post, read the comments, add your own comment, and add or remove a like.

Once your scheduled post is posted, it will automatically move from the “Scheduled” tab to the “Mine” tab.


Go to the “Analytics” section to see statistics for your Instagram account. This option is only available for accounts with an enabled proxy. You can add a proxy in your account’s settings. For more information about adding a proxy, see the next section of this guide.

If your account is eligible for statistics gathering, you’ll see three charts: Subscribers, Likes and Comments. Parasite will track your account statistics, constantly updating them and presenting them in a convenient way.

You can choose to display each graph by hours, days or weeks.


You will need a proxy if you are using mass-liking or mass-following services in addition to Parasite. In this situation, working without a proxy will create risks for your account from the Instagram side. Make sure that you use the same proxy server for post scheduling and account promotion.

To add a proxy, select the Instagram account from the list, go to the “Settings” tab and click on the “Proxy” button, then click the “Add Proxy” button.

Here you will enter the parameters of your proxy server. These options include the server, port, username and password. If you are having trouble adding a proxy, write to us for support.

If you add more than one proxy server, Parasite will automatically switch between them as necessary. For example, if one of the servers fails, Parasite will switch smoothly to the next one and continue uninterrupted work — easy and convenient.


The Templates feature allows you to add caption templates to your account. This is a very handy feature, as you can use a template rather than writing a description for each separate post.

To add a template, select the Instagram account in the list, go to the “Settings” tab and select the “Templates” section. On the page that opens, click “Add Template”. In the first line, write the title of the template, and in the second write the text (what will be used as a description for your publications). Click the “Add Template” button.

That’s it! Now the new template is displayed in the list in the “Templates” section.

Add a new post to use the template. When editing the caption, click on the template icon to the right of the emoji. Select the required template from the list and it will be used as your description.

Parasite Profile Settings

To get to your Parasite profile settings click on your email address in the top right corner of the page, then click on the “Settings” section.

In the “Edit Profile” section you can change the email address linked to your Parasite account.

In the “Change Password” section you can change your password for your Parasite account. Just type in your current password and then enter and confirm your new one.

If you go to the “Billing” section, you can see your subscription status and payment history, pay for your subscription, change plans, and enter a promo-code.

To change your plan, click the “Change Plan” button, decide on the plan you prefer on the following page, and click “Buy”. When you buy a new plan, your current plan will be converted. You can pay with Visa and MasterCard cards, as well as money transfer with Yandex.Money. Contact technical support if you have any problems while paying.


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